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Zebra 170Xi4 Label Printers

The Zebra 170Xi4 6 inch wide Industrial Label Printer is one of Zebra's flagship industrial thermal printers, the Xi series of printers are designed to be worked hard all day long, their rugged durability is what makes them market leaders for any high duty cycle applications that require 24/7 label printing in the most demanding environments.

The 170Xi4 series of printers offers a 6.6" wide (168mm) print width, a range of print resolution options; 203dpi or 300dpi (8 or 12 dots per mm), and a fast 12ips print speed on the 203dpi models (8ips for 300dpi models).

If you require a heavy duty industrial label printer with a wider print width consider the 220Xi4 industrial label printer.

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£4,104.00 Inc. VAT

£3,420.00 Exc. VAT

Zebra 170Xi4 300dpi (USB/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet)

£4,171.88 Inc. VAT

£3,476.57 Exc. VAT

Zebra 170Xi4 203dpi (USB/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet) + Rewind

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